A Few Words About Us

Welcome to Builders in Hull, a professional builders and handyman agency located in the city of Kingston upon Hull. We have been providing our services to the region for 30 years plus. If you are looking for a builder or a handyman in Hull to provide you with quality work, you have come to the right place.

Our agency, Builders in Hull, was established in 1985 by Graham Allen. Since that day, our mission has been to give the best services possible to our clients and that, too, in the most affordable manner possible.

What Services Do We Provide?
Our agency deals in all kinds of services related to building and handyman work. We can build extensions, rooms, sheds and offices amongst others. All sorts of projects are undertaken by us, be it industrial, commercial or residential in nature. We also undertake repair and maintenance services. We can convert your loft into a beautiful living space. Installation of any component, doors, windows or electrical appliances will be a breeze when working with us. However, these are just some of the projects we handle.

Why Should You Choose Us?
You should choose us for a simple reason. We are good at what we do. Our considerable experience as builders Hull has helped us build up a sizeable repertoire of satisfied clients. However, we know you want more than a good agency to take care of your construction or handyman needs.

No Job Is Too Small For Us
We give our complete attention to all projects no matter how small or big they are. The project will be completely evaluated with a discerning eye to ensure that no problems arise from it. We approach all projects with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

You Get Flexibility
If you want a particular design for your room, you will get it. After all, you will be using the area. That is why we will take your desires and wishes into consideration. We can modify our services and tailor them to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with our work.

There Are No Worries about Quality
When you are paying for work, you expect quality to be implied. Our talented group of professional builders and handymen know that. When we work for you, quality is a by-product. We will maintain a strong and clear line of communication with you so that you get the high quality results you desired.

We Understand Timelines
Whenever we undertake a project, we make sure to create a schedule beforehand. Of course, you will be a key participant during the creation of the schedule. We will provide you with the timeline so that you can monitor the work accordingly.

Having been in the business for 30 plus years, we understand the value of a satisfied client. That is why we are willing to take extra steps to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the work provided.